Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

How Do I Know What Problem I Have?

Faulty Hard Drive Data Recovery

If your drive is making a clicking or beeping sound then generally faulty hard drives fall into these data recovery categories. For all others, please let us take a look.

Faulty Hard Drive Data Recovery

Remember, the goal is to repair the hard drive just enough to preform data recovery. If your got a hard drive to send in for data recovery, please contact us today.

We have Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions for:

  • Software corruption
  • Bad partition table
  • Beeping
  • Heads stuck
  • Clicking
  • Bad heads
  • Platter stuck
  • Corrupt firmware
  • Not showing up
  • Copying data off slow
  • Water damage

Its important to note that platter damage can yield no recovery.

Your problem not listed? Please give us a call for a chat.