Terms And Conditions​

Thank you for considering Data Recovery Lab for your data recovery needs. By sending us your device, you are confirming that you have carefully reviewed and agreed to the following terms and conditions. We have presented them in straightforward language rather than using complex legal jargon, and we appreciate your attention to them.

  1. Authorization

By accepting these terms, you are authorizing us to:

  • Attempt data recovery on the specified storage device(s) you identify.
  • Receive and transport the storage device(s) and/or data as necessary for the data recovery operation.
  • Retain the storage device(s) unless otherwise explicitly requested (for recycling purposes, which helps us maintain competitive prices).
  • Transfer any recovered data to an external hard drive, either supplied by you or provided by us in addition to the quoted recovery price.
  • Maintain a copy of any recovered data on our computer system for 10 working days to address potential data transfer issues on your end (after this period, we will delete your recovered data from our system).
  1. Responsibility, Liability & Warranty

You also acknowledge and agree that:

  • We diligently attempt all data recovery procedures, and a recovery rate of 80% or more is considered a fair and reasonable job, given the technical constraints of data loss.
  • You are the legal owner or authorized representative of the legal owner for the specified storage device(s) and all data contained therein.
  • You, as the owner/authorized representative, are responsible for any data loss. We are not liable for damages resulting from device failure or the inability to recover some or all of your data for any reason. Our liability is limited to the agreed-upon price for the authorized services.
  • Data recovery operations carry inherent risks of further damage to the storage device(s) being worked on. While we take reasonable precautions, we cannot offer any warranty for the process.
  • Attempted recovery may void any manufacturer’s warranty, unless advised otherwise.
  • After job completion, you must make arrangements to collect your data and/or storage device(s) within 90 days. After this period, we may dispose of them without liability.
  1. Payment

You further agree that:

  • Authorization via email is required before we commence work. At our discretion, we may also request a deposit or impose a 15% surcharge for urgent recoveries.
  • Prompt and full payment is required upon completion of work and before delivering any recovered data.
  • Inspection of recovered data is your responsibility, and any unsatisfactory findings must be reported via email within 48 hours of receipt. We reserve the right to attempt further recovery options. If unsuccessful, we will refund the recovery cost, minus labor and parts costs.
  • No payment is required for an unsuccessful recovery, but specific parts indicated in your quote may still be invoiced to cover costs. Assembly work and courier fees may apply for device returns.
  • A $100 inspection fee is required if we determine we can recover your data, quote you, and you elect not to proceed.
  • Failure to pay for services or arrange a payment plan (at our discretion) within 30 days from the invoice date grants us ownership of your device, and we may pursue legal remedies for outstanding payments and incurred legal costs.
  1. Confidentiality

We respect the confidentiality of your information and data files:

  • We will not disclose any information or data files supplied with, stored on, or removed from your storage device(s), except to our own employees or agents under confidentiality agreements or as required by New Zealand law.