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Types of MacBook Data Recovery Hard Drive Icons

Oh no! Have you spilt your morning coffee on your MacBook? Well you’re in luck! Data Recovery Lab fixes MacBook logic boards and makes them turn on again. Ask Magic Mike does MacBook Logic Board Repairs and MacBook Screen Replacements in Timaru.

MacBook Data Recovery on a Logic Board

Data Recovery Lab Recovers all sorts of MacBook, iMac, Pro and Air devices with ease, everything from broken screens to micro-soldering motherboard repair.

Screen repairs are a common repair service but can be hard to find the correct screen as a replacement part. Please call in for a quote and part availability for your Macbook, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro screen repair.

The Rice Myth

If your MacBook has had liquid damage, we highly recommend to act fast to avoid data loss and send you device in ASAP. The rice myth on social media will only make you think you are doing something but in reality, its corroding away inside which will end up affecting the success rate of the data recovery process.

A flashing question folder when you turn on your MacBook could indicate a faulty storage device. It’s important you act quickly and to do regular backups if you see any such behaviour. If you are having trouble backing up your information, please bring the MacBook into us for assessment. Storage replacement on a late model iMac can be difficult as it requires us to remove the screen and risk breaking it in the process. It might be worth bringing it in for a data recovery quote if you do not have a recent backup. 

When Apple won’t help, bring your Mac into Data Recovery Lab today for a quote.

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All data recovery done onsite.


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Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Simply fill in the online form and include as much detail as you can. There is a place to upload a picture of the sticker as well which helps us in finding the best price. You may choose to send in the hard drive yourself or ask us to send you a box with a shipping label included.
  2. We’ll repair the hard drive just enough to give you a quote. The quote may include an estimate of data recovered and the cost of any parts needed.
  3. After giving us the go ahead, we’ll image the hard drive and send you an invoice. We’ll ship it back to you once payment is received.

You will not be required to pay for an unsuccessful recovery. However, your quote may indicate specific parts required for the recovery operation. Should the operation prove unsuccessful, we may still need to invoice you for these parts, simply to cover costs. In the same way, should you need your device returned afterwards, we may need to charge for our assembly work and courier fee