NZ Mail-In Data Recovery Trade Partner

Data Recovery Trade Partner

Do you own a computer or mobile phone repair business? Do you have water damaged iPhones and faulty hard drives in for data recovery? Well, this is the program for you.

Our data recovery workshop will become an extension of your workshop, all our tools and expertise on data recovery at your deposal.

Our industry leading data recovery trade partner program will help support you through all your hard drive recovery and mobile iPhone data recovery needs.

There are three main key points in the trader partner programs. The first is the number of successful recoveries we perform in a given service year. Secondly is number of recoveries you can send in at any one time. Lastly is the yearly cost for each of the service programs.

Unsuccessful recoveries do not count towards your yearly recovery count, nor do the parts costs we incur while attempting to recovery the data.

We have three service programs available;

  • 20 Recoveries per year, 2 Working Limit, $25,000 Yearly
  • 50 Recoveries per year, 5 Working Limit, $35,000 Yearly
  • 100 Recoveries per year, 10 Working Limit, $45,000 Yearly

If you don’t yet receive enough recoveries for these programs, you may refer customers to us and receive 10% commission* on any successful recovery labour costs.

Our Clients

Noel Leeming

Please contact us today for details on our data recovery trade partner program.

*Commission Program Excludes Inspection Fees and Parts Costs, not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion