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Thank you for your for getting in touch. We’ve sent a copy of your data recovery to your inbox. Please standby for an email response within 2 business days.

Data Recovery Lab

Mail-In Address:

Data Recovery Lab
C/O- NZ Post
21 Strathallan Street
Timaru CBD 7910
New Zealand

Phone Contacts:

Phone Contacts
New Zealand: (03) 929-2837
International: 006439292837
Mobile: (021) 148-9558


So, What Happens Now?

We have your data recovery submission with us. We get a fair number of recoveries in and due to the complexity of some recoveries, we can only do so much. You should see a reply in your inbox within 1-2 business days.

Is There Anything I Can Do While I’m Waiting?

Yes, if you’ve chosen to send your recovery in yourself, then find the smallest box you think the device will fit and fill it in with soft packing material like bubble wrap or newspapers. A good packing standard to follow is if it would withstand a 1.2 meter drop.

Should I Include An Extra Hard Drive / USB Flash Drive To Put My Data On?

Yes please, should your device be recoverable, we will need something to put your recovered data onto.

I’m sending the package to your Auckland / Hamilton / Christchurch branch.

Hold on there. The only branch we have is in Timaru and the only mail in address is the one above. Please only send your package to the above address and email us back the tracking number.

Its Urgent, Can I Just Send It In Now?

Not just yet, we need to review your information and make sure we are the best fit for your recovery. If your recovery is urgent, please Contact Us by phone to give us a heads up.

Is There Anyone That Can Help Me Send In My Device?

Yes, as long as you have packed it in the smallest box it will fit and its packaged well enough to withstand a 1.2 meter drop, then any NZ Post Shop should be able to help find you the cheapest shipping option (Usually one of the prepaid bags).

I Have A Question That’s Not Listed Here.

Please Contact Us by phone.