Data Recovery Lab

Data recovery can be a very stressful and costly experience but not if you bring your hard drive or device intoData Recovery Lab for a data recovery assessment.

Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone in the sea or split your morning coffee on your MacBook,Data Recovery Lab can help you recover your important information. Data Recovery Lab does water damage data recovery on iPhones and iPads. Recoveries on liquid corrosion damage with MacBooks and physically damaged/aged IDE, SATA and USB external hard drives.

Data Recovery on your Apple devices is possible so why not ask for a second opinion fromData Recovery Lab today.

The latest line of Macbooks have their SSD soldered onto the motherboard! That means if your morning coffee killed your device, all the data is gone unless you bring it intoData Recovery Lab for a motherboard repair quote.

We can recover your on your data from your dead MacBook and may bring it back to working condition again life.

International Mail-In Data Recovery Lab

Devices for data recovery are sent in from all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Northern Ireland, Philippines, United Kingdom (UK) And United States of America (USA).

Data Recoveries We Do

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovering data from crashed hard drives can be as simple as running a Check Disk or as complicated as swapping heads. We have worked on IDE, SATA, NTFS, FAT32, APFS, and HFS drives.

iPhone Data Recovery

Recovering all your information from a dead iPhone is very possible, regardless what you hear from Apple or another “iPhone Repair Specialist”. We and many other independent iPhone repair businesses have demonstrated this fact time and time again. It’s important to get a second opinion and iPhone data recovery is no exception. We can recover everything from photos and videos to contacts and email.

iPad Data Recovery

iPads are a great device when they are working. Many happy iPad users use their device as the main computer in the house. It’s common for an old iPad to die out of the blue and lock all the important information inside. But there is good news, it’s very possible to get the iPad to start up just long enough for us to perform our Magic and recover all the data.

MacBook Data Recovery

Unlike other laptops, MacBooks use a wide range of different storage, everything from old spinning drives to NAND flash memory. Data Recovery Lab is a skilled data recovery centre and has recovered countless TBs from dead Apple devices.

All data recovery done onsite.

Our pricing is fair.

High success rate.

You can meet & speak with the recovery specialist working on your case directly.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Simply fill in the online form and include as much detail as you can. There is a place to upload a picture of the sticker as well which helps us in finding the best price. You may choose to send in the hard drive yourself or ask us to send you a box with a shipping label included.
  2. We’ll repair the hard drive just enough to give you a quote. The quote may include an estimate of data recovered and the cost of any parts needed.
  3. After giving us the go ahead, we’ll image the hard drive and send you an invoice. We’ll ship it back to you once payment is received.

You will not be required to pay for an unsuccessful recovery. However, your quote may indicate specific parts required for the recovery operation. Should the operation prove unsuccessful, we may still need to invoice you for these parts, simply to cover costs. In the same way, should you need your device returned afterwards, we may need to charge for our assembly work and courier fees.

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